Double Gold Medal Winners

Double Gold Medal Winners image In any particular wine competition a few wines (less than 0.5%) are rated as exceptional and receive double gold medals, judges choice medals, or best of class medals.  These are some of Enoch's past and present exceptional wines.   
Vintage Contests Entered Medals Won
2007 Blanc DuBois off-dry
International Eastern 2008 Double Gold
2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
INDY International 2012 Double Gold
2009 Dark Portejas
Houston International 2013 Double Gold - Best of Class, Grand Star
2010 Ellen's Sweet Song
Houston International 2013 Gold - Reserve Class Champion
2011 Susan's Secret
INDY International 2012 Gold - Class Champion
2011 Dark Portejas
Lone Star International 2017 Double Gold
2011 Light Portejas
TEXSOM International 2018 Gold - Judges Choice
2017 Muscat Canelli
International Eastern 2018 Gold - Best of Class