Stem to Stem Winemaking Experience - Red Wine (Norton)


Every wonder what being a winemaker is all about.  Now's your chance to find out.  

From the STEM of the grapevine to the STEM of the wine glass, you will experience what it takes to transform grapes to liquid gold.

Join a group of budding oenologists through the nine month journey of picking, fermenting, testing, adjusting, clarifying, racking, corking, labeling, and bottling your very own wine.  

Your adventure will start with late breakfast and informational session on a beautiful summer morning, followed by one hour of grape picking.  You will then gather at Enoch's crush pad to process the grapes.  Under the tutelage of our winemakers, learn to crush, press, then test, alter, and begin fermentation of the must as you take the first step in creating your very own wine.  Two hours later, once the processing is finished, join our executive chef for lunch and a sampling of Enoch's wines in the lodge restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the surrounding vineyard.  As your wine moves through the fermentation process, Enoch will photo document the progress and share it via email.  (Better yet, come visit us anytime to see the progress yourself.)  

Reconvene with your fellow winemakers, three months later at the Racking Party, where Enoch's winemakers will assist you in a hands-on process of clarifying your wine.  You will be educated regarding the techniques of racking, stabilizing, filtering, and fining, as you work to produce a crisp and clear wine.  Lunch and wine provided.

Finally, six months later, you will gather once again to bottle and label your wine, taking home with you the fruits of your labor, but not before raising a glass to toast your accomplishment of going from STEM to STEM.  Lunch and wine provided.

Two (possibly three) classes will be offered from July to August.  Wines being made are Blanc DuBois (off dry white) on Saturday, July 13 and Norton on Saturday, August 24.  Enrollment is limited.  Price is $185 per person.  If enough interest is shown we will add a third class making a sweet red wine from the Lenoir grape sometime in August.  

Participation includes:  Picking party (class, lunch & wine),  Racking party (class, lunch & wine),  Bottling party (class, lunch & wine), plus hands on experience, education, materials, supplies, grapes, and best of all, anywhere between 3 - 6 bottles of your own homemade wine depending on the success of your endeavor.

Please purchase your reservation online.  Leave your name, email address, phone number, and desired class date.  Direct any questions to Jon at 903.918-2889 or

The class cost of $185 includes three sessions:  1) picking and crushing in July or August,  2) racking and clarifying in October, 3) bottling in March.

This year we are offering a concurrent single session subclass at the price of $75 per person, where you will join the regular class participants in the first session of picking and crushing.  Lunch and wine will be provided.  This class does NOT include sessions 2 & 3.  The fruits of the days labor (a.k.a. finished wine) will only go to those who participate in all three sessions.