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Enochs Stomp Vineyard and Winery invites you to celebrate our signature white wine, Blanc Du Bois. Developed by the University of Florida to suit the Southern U.S. climate, this grape underwent 20 years of cross breeding before being released to the public in 1987. Since then, many Southern wineries have fashioned it into award winning, premium white wines.  Having a profile similar to Riesling, this light and fruity wine tantalizes your palate with hints of spicy apple and pear. It goes well with pasta, seafood, cheese, lunch or light dinner.

Recognizing differing palates, Enochs Stomp offers three versions, each identified by the color of the bottle capsule. Bronze is dry. Silver is off-dry. Gold is sweet. If you are new to this wine we recommend the off-dry version. Serve well chilled.

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Villard Blanc is a medium bodied, dry, white wine similar to Chardonnay. The process of malolactic fermentation results in a soft, mouth watering wine with hints of buttery hazel nut, honeydew melon, peach and honey. It pairs well with roasted chicken, grilled pork loin, or seafood. Estate grown. Serve at room temperature.

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Vermentino is a refreshingly light and acidic dry white wine with a flavor profile similar to Sauvignon Blanc.  Subtly sweet but devoid of residual sugar, the wine is often described as having aromas of pear, green apple, lemon peel, white peach, pink grapefruit, and a touch of dried herbs.  It finishes with a delicate hint of minerality and green almond.  Originating in countries around the western Mediterranean, the grape thrives in warm climates with plenty of sunshine. No wonder it has found a second home in Texas!  Dry White Wine.    Serve chilled.

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Viognier (“Vee-own-yay”), originating in the Rhone valley in southern France, had faded into obscurity 50 years ago when only 40 known acres remained.  Of late it has seen a resurgence and has produced highly prized wines in France, Italy, Australia, California and now Texas.  Viognier is traditionally made in a dry style producing full bodied wines which appeal to the typical Chardonnay drinker who enjoys rich, complex aromas and flavors.  The potentially overpowering herbal aromatics of thyme, chamomile, pine are softened by honeyed notes of overripe apricots, peach, and pear enhanced with the spiciness of nutmeg, clove and vanilla.  Don’t be shy, this dry white has some snap in her garters!  Dry White Wine.   Serve chilled.

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Muscat, being one of the oldest and most widespread grape families in the world, is known by many names.  Consider the Mediterranean region alone: in Italy it’s Moscato, in Spain it’s Moscatel. In the United States, more specifically Texas, we’ve adopted the name Muscat Canelli.  Muscat Canelli thrives in warm climates and in Texas, it takes on its own nuance and character.  Here, vintners fashion this versatile, fragrant grape into wines characterized by the pungent floral aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom with sweet, spicy flavors of peach, nectarine, apricot and lemon.  Taste and see!  It is all sweetness and light!   Sweet White Wine.   Served well chilled.

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